The Haymarket terrorist of May 1 1886 (Islamists of old)

“May day is an illegal illegitimate holiday trying to trick our patriotic workers against all we have done to them. That is why we don’t celebrate it in US. Anyway those Chicago workers shot were the terrorists of the time trying to change our chosen system.

These people openly described themselves as “‘Barbaria­ns, savages, illiterate ignorant Anarchists from Central Europe, men who cannot comprehend the spirit of our free American institutio­n’ – of these I am one.”.


The haymarket martyrs and wounded were the terrorists of the time and should not be celebrated in any way. They hated our Free market capitalist system just like the islamist terrorists of today hate interest/u­sury


The last words of the haymarket terrorists clearly admit their guilt

Spies spoke, as they pulled the hood over his head: “There will come a time when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today.”


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