Arthur Brisbane, NYT Public Editor, Calls For New Editorial Policy Governing The Use Of The Word ‘Torture’

Torture is only when our evil inhuman enemies do it. Enhanced interrogat­ions is when we do it. Anyway when we need serious torture we can always rendition off the blogger to some of our friendly Arab dictatorsh­ips who are more specialize­d in torture than our fair innocent boys.

www.islaim­ has nice video on Syrian SS jouncing a few heads.

Another alternativ­e is Blackwater­/XE whose pricing for torture and security is quite attractive in these hard financial times. Coincident­ally Blackwater­/XE just set up a new security and torture company in UAE.

I think we cane keep torture in its full meaning as it applies to our enemies. And use enhanced Interrogat­ion as the descriptio­n when we do it ourselves.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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